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Do you want to know more about the cleaning services in Phuket? Our Phuket cleaning company with highly trained staff offers residential and commercial cleaning services, including airBnB cleaning and apartment maintenance.   For your guests’ safety, we follow the Airbnb sanitary protocols to the letter. You can order linens and consumables from us as an extra service. We will be able to keep your Airbnb accommodations as well as personal residences perfectly clean if you use our services.
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Our condo cleaning service in Phuket begins at 550 Baths for a studio apartment or one room that is up to 40 square meters for two hours.


The price for a 100 square meter house starts at 890 Baths if it is a one-story house and the services rendered are of highest quality.


When we manage your villa, the maid will render the optimal villa cleaning service in Phuket. Prices start at 890 baths for three hours.

What makes our Phuket cleaning service the best?

The quality of our cleaning services in Phuket is guaranteed as our company focuses on customer satisfaction. Our cleaning service as well as maintenance company is available across Phuket, so you can rest assured that your guests are well taken care of. Our maid service is the best!   We also provide a laundry service in Phuket so that you can keep your bed linen, towels, and hygiene supplies in good condition. The cleaning services offered by our company in Phuket provide the following benefits for accommodation owners:   Professional cleaning and hygiene services tailored to your business needs.   Covid 19 was a crisis in sanitary conditions, and the hygiene and cleanliness of your apartments were crucial to ensuring your tenants’ comfort. Take a look at our Phuket property management services now     Does a long-term contract need to be signed to seek your Phuket home cleaning service? If you want to enjoy an exclusive rate, you must subscribe weekly, biweekly, monthly or bimonthly for 2 hours of cleaning. In Phuket, we tailor our cleaning services based on our customers’ needs.
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Do you provide cleaning services in any area in Phuket?

The following rates apply to Patong, Kathu, Kamala, Kata Beach, Phuket Town, as well as Karon for our cleaning company in Phuket. Please contact us to get a quote via messages on Whatsapp or Line, or by shooting an email if you are looking for cleaning in another area of Phuket.

Which parts of my house will you clean as part of your service?

Cleaning will be done in your bathroom, kitchen, balcony, living room, and bedrooms by your housekeeper. Before vacuuming and washing your floors, your housekeeper will dust all surfaces. As part of the cleaning service, your cleaning lady may also clean your freezer, windows, or other elements of your house, depending on the length of time you have booked.
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What cleaning equipment do you provide along with cleaning products?

All the supplies required for cleaning your property will be brought by our cleaners to your property.

Are there any preparations we should make before the arrival of the cleaner?

To ensure your home is in good shape for your cleaner, it is encouraged that you do as much cleaning as possible before her arrival. Providing optimal conditions for cleaning and dust removal will ensure that your cleaner can do her job effectively. In the case of too many objects to move amidst the intervention, the cleaner may lose time, which prevents him from fully optimizing the cleaning. During our longer cleaning services, our technicians will be able to thoroughly clean your home, reaching all corners.

What is the cost of cleaning my home?

Depending on your home’s size and the number of items that require cleaning, the price of our house cleaning will vary. Keeping a tidy home will consume less effort than cleaning a cluttered one.
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During the maid’s cleaning, must I be present?

The majority of the clients we service choose not to be present when we are rendering our cleaning services. The key box code is usually left behind by our customers when they rent their homes for short periods. We use it to gain entry. You can rest assured that your Phuket condo or villa will be cleaned to perfection, regardless of your presence!
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FAQ about our Phuket cleaning service

Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers about our laundry service

Is it possible to reschedule an appointment?

You must inform us 72 hours in advance if you wish to change the time of the maid intervention. Your home cleaning service can then be rescheduled based on the time and date that is convenient for you, or you can cancel and receive a refund if you wish.

Can you offer other cleaning services?

We also offer the following types of house cleaning services in Phuket:

Providing maid and housekeeping services
Cleaning residential properties
Clean up of upholstery
An in-depth cleaning
Cleaning of commercial properties
Cleaning after moving out
Cleaning the office
Keeping the floor clean by mopping
Cleaning services provided by professionals
Cleaning of sofas
Vacuuming carpets
Cleaning of mattresses

Does your cleaning service come with a guarantee?

We place a great deal of emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our quality guarantee reflects this. Please contact our customer service within 24 hours of your cleaning in case you are dissatisfied with our cleaning services in Phuket and we will be back to resolve any issues without any extra charges.
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